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Seminar and Workshop handouts

Basic Philosophy participants
Bhagavad gita overview pariticipants
Chanting with attention participants
Children Happy KC & Cultured
Choosing Association Participants
Conflict Avoidance and Resolution Participants
Creative Writing Teaching Participants
Critical Thinking Participants
Eight ways to change bad behaviors CHARTS
Elements brief
Forgiveness Participant
How to treat a wife
Humility Participants
Isopanisad01 invoc to mantra 3 student
Isopanisad02 mantra 4-8 student
Isopanisad03 mantra 9-11 student
Isopanisad04 mantra 12-14 student
Isopanisad05 mantra 15-18 student
Isopanisad07 chart
Japa Evaluation Form
Krishna’s Qualities II and III combo Participants
Krishna’s Qualities III Participants
Krishna’s Qualities II Participants
Krishna’s Qualities I Participants
Krsna Conscious overview-student
Man and woman dealings participants
Metaphor and Story Telling participant
Motivating our Children to Engage in a Variety of Devotional Serviceworksheet
Motivating our Children to Hear and Read about Krishnaworksheet 1
Nectar of Instruction 7-8 worksheet
Obstacles and Tests student
Parent and children fun workshop activity10
Parent and children fun workshop activity6
Parent and children fun workshop activity7
Parent and children fun workshop activity9
Parenting from Gita participants
Prabhupada on position of parents
Preaching participants sheet
Principles of Gurukula 12 from Prabhupada
Sadhana for Parenting Quotes
Sadhana for Parenting Ups and Downs
Sadhana for Parenting worksheet
Sadhana for students worksheet
Sound Participants
Speaking Adults Participants I
Speaking Adults Participants II
Speaking and Drama Participants I
Specific Teaching Methods
Steadiness with enthusiastic patient confidence student
stigma of being a religious person, participant
Students Retaining What They Learn–worksheet
Super Motivated Students worksheet
Swallowing the forest fire handout
The Vocation of Teaching in KCpt 1 definition Worksheet
The Vocation of Teaching in KCpt3 teacher student worksheet
Training and Guiding children in chanting japa participants
Transmitting the Culture of Spiritual Life to our Children Quotes
Vaisnava Qualities participant
Vaisnava Qualities Participants list
Vocation of Teaching in KCpt2inspiration self-evaluation
Vocation of Teaching in KCpt2inspiration ups&downs
Vocation of Teaching in KCpt2inspirationworksheet
Vocation of Teaching in KC pt4 parents worksheet
Well Formed Plan student sheet
Where I am and how to progress–participant
Women as Leaders Participants
Women in Our Tradition Participants
Women Protected Participants