Class Schedules

and tentative travel itinerary



On-line broadcasting plans, one-time:

April 17, 10am (US East Coast time) Mauritius time 6:00pm

Women’s ancient and modern social and economic role 

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Meeting ID: 876 505 1638 Passcode: katha

April 18, 11:30am (US East Coast Time) Orlando

“Always thinking of Krishna—Is it possible in the realities of my life?” 


April 21, 7:15am (US East Coast time) Ramacandra’s Appearance Bhakti Center New York

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Passcode: 108

2pm (US East Coast time) Ramacandra’s Appearance Birmingham UK 7pm to 8pm (BST)


Meeting ID: 401 918 6461 Passcode: 108108


April 24 2:30pm (US East Coast time) ISKCON BRAMPTON

Can I find high quality time for Krishna in a life
filled with so much to do? 

Meeting ID: 921 531 3495
Passcode: 108 


May 1, 2:00pm (US East Coast time) Interview on the Holy Name

May 3, 4:00pm (US East Coast time) 9pm- 9.45pm (UK Time) The Bhakti Lens

May 5 1:30pm (US East Coast time)  6:30pm UK time 
Bhakti Yoga London’s Wisdom Wednesday

Zoom meeting ID:  679 895 1632 

Material Spiritual Balance


May 8 1pm (US East Coast time) panel on motherhood, Atlanta  

Zoom: 870 2120 3441



On-line broadcasting plans, on-going (until I leave North Carolina):

Every Monday, 6:30-7:15am (US East Coast time) Broadcasting Hillsborough NC channel (except when Ekadasi is on Monday)

Every Wednesday 12pm (US East Coast Daylight time) 6am Hawaii time Join the online meeting:, Dial-in number (US): (319) 527-2528, International dial-in numbers:, Online meeting ID: esanga

Every Sunday 9:00am-12:15pm (US East Coast time) Bhakti shastri for registered students only. This is through May 30, except for the following dates:   Jan 3, March 28. On the following dates, classes will be from 9-10:30am only:  April 18, May 23, and May 30