Class Schedules

and tentative travel itinerary


29 Dec-Jan 3: Delhi

3 Jan-10 Feb: Govardhana (14 January in Vrindavana)

12-17 Feb: Mayapur, India

18-20 Feb: Dubai UAE

21-23 Feb: Berkeley California

24 Feb-2 March: Irvine

3-10 March: Redmond/Seattle

12-14 March: Bahamas  Click here for more information and to register

15 March- ? Hillsborough, North Carolina

On-line broadcasting plans, one-time:

June 2 noon-1:00 pm with Spanish translation (US East Coast date and time) Sri Isopanisad summary in Spain (6pm-7 local time)  ZOOM:

June 6 9:00-10:am (US East Coast date and time) Mauritius (5-6pm Mauritius time)
Srila Prabhupada’s principles of education
June 7, 10:30 am (US East Coast date and time) 3.30pm BST, ISKCON Leicester 
Multimedia on vandanam from NOD, BrS, Bhakti Sandharba, Bhagavatam, etc.
June 7, 7pm (US East Coast date and time) Phoenix Arizona (4pm AZ time)  How can all the aspects of my life energize me spiritually? 
June 8 noon-1pm (US East Coast time) Summary Isopanisad mantras 12-14 South Africa BYS (6-7pm SA time)
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Meeting ID: 811 2395 7911
Password: 566254
June 12  7am (US East Coast date and time)  4:30 pm IST 8 ways to change bad behaviour 
password 108108
June 13 5:00-7:00pm (US East Coast time) Gita class, with 26 Second Ave, New York
June 20th 5 PM (US East Coast time) Phoenix Arizona(2 PM – 3 PM AZ time)
Eight ways to modify unwanted behavior
June 27 3-3:50 pm (US East Coast time) Finding your joy in Studying Srila Prabhupada’s books
June 28 9:00am (US East Coast date and time) Vaisnava Qualities for South African Vaisnavi Sanga (3:00pm SA time) Ladies Only Please
The Zoom meeting ID is : 815 8817 8709

On-line broadcasting plans, on-going (until I leave North Carolina):

Every Monday, 6:30-7:15am (US East Coast time) Broadcasting Hillsborough NC channel (except when Ekadasi is on Monday)

Every Wednesday 12 noon (US East Coast time) Join the online meeting:, Dial-in number (US): (319) 527-2528, International dial-in numbers:, Online meeting ID: esanga